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They changed the tunnel trail at Stonehenge to protect the sight of the winter solstice     United Kingdom 

They changed the tunnel trail at Stonehenge to protect the sight of the winter solstice  

The tunnel trail planned in the Stonehenge area of England has been altered so that its exit can not interfere with the sight of the sloping day in the winter solstice, the British government announced on Tuesday.

The tunnel, which was used to attenuate the traffic of the main road in the prehistoric building, was planned to be south of the monument, according to the plans described earlier. The altered trail touches the tunnel’s western exits, which will be 50 meters farther from Stonehenge’s ancient stones, “said Derek Parody, UK’s Road Safety Officer at BBC.
The consultation with the public revealed that many people voiced their concerns about the location of the route and the location of the tunnel exit, saying it would have an impact on the winter solstice. “We did that by pushing the track north to find a solution to our concerns,” he explained.
The tunnel, which is part of the world’s most famous British prehistoric monument, would be about 2.9 kilometers long, and would be part of a two billion-pound road reconstruction program.
Conservation organizations, including the English Heritage, said that “if the tunnel is built with due diligence, it will restore the peace and quiet of the monument”.
Civil organizations are still calling on the British government to fully consider tunneling. They fear that the tunnel will lose its world heritage status with the tunnel. However, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has already provided support for the construction of the tunnel.

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