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Protects your business from Google Tech 

Protects your business from Google

Unfortunately, not every job is a milk ball: sooner or later everyone can get to the point that he or she is being cut off from the employer for alleged or actual grievances. Some of the former colleagues then love to say snake-frog to their former employer, whether or not they deserve the kind words.

This behavior has begun to be a practical problem, as former staff members can not only scare their former employers in their family or friends, but they may also leave negative reviews on Google. They may appear in the search for a company name, and of course they are included in the star rating of the business.

Google can not determine how legitimate negative reviews are, so it has quietly added a point to the Maps user’s policy, which

prohibits current or former employees from writing negative reviews.

Huge sanctions do not involve any negative feedback on the former employer, Google simply deletes them if you receive a notification of this kind of behavior. In addition, the company does not prevent users from declining their negative opinions on their other employers.

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