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Melescanu: Romania’s accession to the four Visegrads does not arise        Big World 

Melescanu: Romania’s accession to the four Visegrads does not arise     

Romania will not join the four V4 countries (V4), and the V4s will not expand their cooperation with the four countries today, Radio France Internationale (RFI) said on Wednesday on a Romanian broadcast on a Romanian interview with Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescnu.

“At the last meeting, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has clearly told me that the enlargement of the Visegrad Group has not even come to the slightest. On the other hand, we have to acknowledge that Romania is interested in developing consultations on issues with different countries, including V4s even if they are invited to do so, “said the leader of the Romanian diplomacy, referring to the participation of a number of Balkan countries in the first half of October at the Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the V4 in Budapest.
As to what would be the common interest, given the V4’s position in the European public, Melescanu noted that the Bucharest press release on the issue (Romania’s allegedly approaching the V4s) was based on false rumors. Romania was invited to a conference on the Western Balkans, and this region is of particular importance to both the V4 and Romania and Bulgaria. He mentioned that Romania participated in a similar event last year, so the Hungarian Presidency of the V4 also invited him to this year’s meeting in Budapest.
“The fundamental objective of Romania, at least in this period, is to develop relations with its neighbors, the countries of the region,” said the Romanian Foreign Minister. He added that his home country is looking for ways to cooperate in various configurations, such as the Three Seas Initiative and its strategic partnerships, in order to increase security in the region and strengthen its economic relations.
The Romanian right-wing media has reportedly repudiated that the leading politicians in the Bucharest Social Liberal Government, including Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu, have repeatedly indicated in recent weeks that Bucharest was interested in developing V4 cooperation. Opposition analysts say that it is incompatible with the Romanian foreign policy that is approaching the German-French “EU core” to include Bucharest in the V4s, which are in many respects facing Brussels.
Right-wing leader Klaus Iohannis, who is opposed to the balliberal government, said earlier: Romania does not share the views of the Visegrád Four (V4) regarding the future of Europe and is currently “not realistic” for Romania to approach the V4s.

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