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Assassinations in Paris – Salah Abdeslam first answered the questions of investigating magistrates European Union 

Assassinations in Paris – Salah Abdeslam first answered the questions of investigating magistrates

Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the commando commander of the Paris bombings of 13 November 2015, first replied to the questions of French investigating magistrates on Friday, claiming that he had never asked for help from one of his suspects. However, as regards its own role in the attacks, it still refuses to say anything – judicial sources have been informed.

Abdeslamot was faced on Friday with Ali Oulkadi, who met with the jihadist on November 14, 2015, at a Brussels coffee house on the day after the Paris attacks. According to investigators, a man in custody in the summer of 2016 should have been aware of the assassination preparations after his fingerprints were found in one of the apartments in Belgium where the explosive robots used in the Paris bombings were made.
During one hour of confrontation, Salah Abdeslam claimed that Oulkadi had never been in the apartment in question and had never asked him for help during his four months of hiding in Brussels. On November 14, “he still did not know I was the number one public enemy,” said a single survivor of the terrorist plot committing the 130 casualties, according to police sources.
One of the dark spots in the investigation was how Salah Abdeslam had survived the assassinations and what the exact role was. An expert opinion found that the explosive he had thrown into a garbage bin in Montrouge in a southern suburb of Paris did not work, but it was not possible to determine if the jihadist tried to operate or not. According to a later letter, the jihadist wanted to die, trying to put in place the defective explosive.
A 28-year-old Moroccan suspect from France, who was born in Brussels, was hired by his own name and his own bank card in Paris for the perpetrators of the assassinations and rented two of the three cars with which terrorists arrived at the locations of the attacks. It is also proven that he was on Paris on 13 November, at the Stade de France National Stadium, detonating three suicide bombers he was transporting to the scene. They also suspect that he has been transporting refugees from Syria and Iraq to the majority of returning European jihadists from various European cities, including from Budapest to Brussels, but he has never been to the Islamic struggles.

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