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Merkel: the Brexit timetable must be respected         Brexit 

Merkel: the Brexit timetable must be respected      

The timetable for removing Britain’s EU membership must be respected, and post-exit times should be built on close and constructive relations between the EU and the country leaving the community – said after meeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Prime Minister Theresa May in Berlin on Friday.

Angela Merkel, in a joint statement by the two heads of parliament, said that after the conditions of leave, it is necessary to agree on the relationship between the EU and the UK outside Britain. As you said, you need to find a “fair balance” in the twenties and London relations, so you need to ensure that Britain is as close as possible to the EU, but there is a strong difference between the membership of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom.
He added that he did not feel that London would try to “go out” and pass on the benefits of EU membership for the time after Brex.
Theresa May said that London would like to have “special freedoms” available to the EU markets in comparison with other non-EU countries and in return provide conditions that are also beneficial to EU companies operating in the UK.
EU membership is scheduled to end in March 2019. In this connection, Angela Merkel stressed that “time is urgent” and that Germany is very cautious about how London imagines its post-exit relations with the EU.
Theresa May only said that at a certain point in time, he was describing their plans for a new area. The next step in this process will take place in Munich on Saturday, at the International Security Conference (MSC) at the Bavarian capital, the Premier said, adding that at the meeting, talks will take place between Hungary and the planned EU defense and security cooperation.

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