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Merkel: the interests of all the member states must be taken into account in the EU’s asylum policy European Union 

Merkel: the interests of all the member states must be taken into account in the EU’s asylum policy

The interests of all member states of the European Union should be taken into account in the community’s asylum policy – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday in Berlin after talks with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel.

At the end of the meeting, the Chancellor stressed: “The future of the future of Europe and its cohabitation is how to handle the issue of migration”.
He emphasized the need to refrain from unilateral national steps and develop a common solution.
This is a difficult task, like “squatting the circle, but Europe must keep up, and in this very fragile situation, it is very important that Germany does not act on a unilateral basis”, Angela Merkel referred to her home affair with Horst Seehofer.
The interior minister and his party, the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU), and the growing number of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) sister-in-law, Angela Merkel, urges them to deny entry to the border from asylum seekers already registered elsewhere, of those whose asylum claims have been rejected but still want to return to Germany.
The Chancellor rejects this and calls for a pan-European solution that focuses on protecting the EU’s common border instead of the national border.
The two politicians will hold a meeting at the Chancellery Office in Berlin on Wednesday night. The German press describes the meeting as a crisis meeting. Horst Seehofer said in a Wednesday statement that he would close the debate this week.
In the management of the national border, there has been a conflict between the CDU and the CSU since the deepening of the migration crisis in 2015. The disagreement is based on the practice introduced in 2015 that everyone is allowed to enter the country if he says on the border that he wants to seek refuge, regardless of whether they have any papers or registered in another Member State.
The government has decided to avoid asylum seekers on the Balkan migration route, fearing that the large number of asylum seekers seeking Western Europe may undermine the stability of the region from Greece to Austria. The CSU has since disagreed from the beginning.
The new chapter of the changing intensity debate differs from the previous one, even though a significant part of the CDU is in agreement with the unilateral actions of the CSU. This is indicated by press reports that a CDU representative at the federal parliament (Bundestag) of the CDU and the CSU did not address the position of the party chancellor.
The debate is a possible outcome for both sides to avoid “losing sight”, an agreement that makes the introduction of a border-management stance at national level dependent on the establishment of a new EU asylum system.
This is suggested by the CDU chairman of the Bundestag European Commission, Gunther Krichbaum, who in a statement on Wednesday suggested that the Chancellor should announce at the EU summit at the end of June that Germany would continue the current practice for a further year and if not then there will be a unified, functioning EU asylum system, taking action at national level, including the refusal of asylum seekers.

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