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Merkel: Germany supports the EU’s agreement on reducing CO2 emissions from new cars European Union 

Merkel: Germany supports the EU’s agreement on reducing CO2 emissions from new cars

Germany supports a compromise on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from new cars in the EU Member States ‘Environment Ministers’ Council because it provides security and can be reviewed – said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in Berlin.

Germany – the largest European carmaker – originally supported the European Commission’s proposal to cut the carbon dioxide emissions of new cars by 30% by 2030 compared to 2021 and rejecting the European Parliament’s negative consequences for the car fleet 40 percent reduction. Finally, on Tuesday, the Environment Ministers agreed on a 35% cut by the EU presidency on a proposal from Austria.
This is acceptable to Germany as it eliminates uncertainty for manufacturers, “said Angela Merkel in Berlin at a press conference in response to a question.
He added that if it had not been possible to agree on Tuesday, it would have been a long time to wait for the case to close, because soon the European Parliament (EP) election would come to the fore, and thus the whole European vehicle industry would have been unpredictable for a long time.
The agreement is also admissible, as it states that it should be revised in 2023, “the Chancellor added, pointing out that the rate of carbon leakage is not simply a policy decision, but it depends on the speed at which the new propulsion technologies such as electric cars market penetration.
All this together “fully defends” the 35% reduction compromise, “Angela Merkel said.
However, according to the German Defense Automobile Association (VDA), the industry’s interest protection organization, the solution is detrimental to the fact that it raises all European manufacturers worse than international competitors.
The agreement is a “missed opportunity to economically and technically realistic control of CO2 emissions reduction,” said Bernhard Mattes, president of the VDA, in the organization’s announcement.
He added: “it is more than regrettable that most of the Member States have had no power to balance the climate and security of employment”.

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