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What does it take to meet Star Wars and James Bond? Movie 

What does it take to meet Star Wars and James Bond?

Before launching the new Star Wars trilogy, Ryan Johnson is still involved in an independent crime, whose main role will be Daniel Craig.

Craig signed for the 25th James Bond film, but due to the departure of director Danny Boyle, the jubilee episode of the 007 film series slipped, so it took a while. For Ryan Johnson this is just fine, as he and his companion Ram Bergman are just starting to rotate the new Star Wars trilogy announced in Disneyland last year, so they are still making their Knives Out in an independent production.

Johnson recently directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which brought a $ 1.3 billion worldwide ticket to Disneys.

Knives Out is funded by a new production company, announced by Johnson and Bergman at the Toronto Film Festival opening this week.

Craig is preparing for the Fifth Bond role, formerly formed by the secret agent in Casino Bond, Casino Royale, Quantum Quiet, Skyfall and Specter – The Phantom Returns.

The British actor, who was born in a few days with her daughter, actress Rachel Weisz, has played two independent productions last year: the Los Angeles riots revolt and the Logan Lucky – The Whacker’s Stash, Steven Soderbergh, a criminal comedy. It was also featured in Star Wars: directed by J. J. Abrams, Star Wars: The Awakening Force played stormtrooper, of course in the costume covering the whole body and face.

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