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Michael Bloomberg: British exit is the most stupid decision ever Brexit 

Michael Bloomberg: British exit is the most stupid decision ever

 According to Michael Bloomberg, Brex, Britain’s exit from the European Union is “the most stupid decision ever made by a country”. The Wednesday version of The Guardian, the online edition of the UK daily newspaper The Guardian, said the billionaire American businessman, New York’s former mayor, recently made a statement at a Boston business forum.

    His words, according to The Guardian, said that the media had been ignored at this time.
    Bloomberg is currently in London, where he officially set up a new European headquarters in the financial information service company on Tuesday, and the British newspaper recalled the statement by Boston Business Entrepreneurs on this occasion. According to a report, Michael Bloomberg repeated the disgruntled opinion of the Brexit decision at a French event last Friday, but added that by choosing to the United States, President Donald Trump, he succeeded in overcoming this.
    According to The Guardian, Bloomberg referred to Brexit as being difficult to understand why Britain wanted to destroy its own prosperity.
    The businessman also gave a slight craving to regret the installation of his European headquarters in London. He stated that he felt that he might not have decided this way if he knew at the time that Britain left the EU.
    According to the British paper, he added that Brexit was not a wise decision, leaving the European Union would be a very difficult and very painful process. According to Bloomberg, Brexit will be affected by various sectors of the British economy and some, including us, are looking for offices in other European cities. The Bloomberg Group currently employs 4,000 people in London, 20,000 worldwide.
    Goldman Sachs (GS) Global Financial Services Group CEO has recently also referred to the possibility of resettlement. Goldman Sachs’s European headquarters, like many other international banking groups, is currently in London, where GS employs more than six thousand employees. Lloyd Blankfein, GS CEO, however, said in a miniscule Twitter message that he was in Frankfurt, where he held “great” talks, “the weather was great” and he was feeling very good. According to Blankfein, this is also a good thing because he will “spend much more time in Frankfurt in the future”. Your message was locked with #Brexit.
    Recently, the JP Morgan Bank Group has also announced that it has been considering the resettlement of hundreds of London jobs in Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan, before referendum on Britain’s EU membership last June, with a narrow majority in the run-up to the withdrawals, stated that the company’s up to four thousand London jobs could be jeopardized if Britain leaves the European Union . At JP Morgan, in London, there are currently 16,000.
    Over the last period, other large banking groups have also indicated plans to move hundreds of thousands of jobs from London to other European financial centers in preparation for the termination of British membership. Deutsche Bank has recently also relocated four thousand job vacancies; this is half of London’s employees. Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and Citigroup also reported similar plans to others.

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