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All citrus-like ancestors come from the Himalayas      Interesting Facts Gastronomy 

All citrus-like ancestors come from the Himalayas   

In the southeast of the Himalayas, genetic studies have found the origins of all citrus species – BBC News reported on an international research.

The first citrus trees appeared in the area eight million years ago before they spread across the globe.
Although citrus are grown all over the world today, their origins were not clear before. An international research group in the United States and Spain has genetically analyzed more than 50 citrus DNA from Chinese Mandarin to Seville Orange.
According to a study published in the journal Nature, today’s citrus fruits come from a number of natural citrus species that live in the eastern part of the Indian state of Asuluk, in the northern part of Myanmar and in the western part of China’s Jünnan province.
When climatic conditions changed millions of years ago, monsoon depleted and drifting, citrus spread beyond the Himalayas, conquered all Southeast Asia. From there they came to all over the world, including Australia, four million years ago.
According to the analysis, today’s citrus fruits have evolved as a result of the evolutionary evolution of millions of years, and they have been grown for thousands of years.
Drawing up genetic maps of citrus fruits today can also help scientists determine which breeds are resistant to disease. The results can also be used to breed new citrus fruits.
The fossil remains of citrus fruits are extremely rare. In South West China, however, an eight million-year-old fused citrus leaf has been found, which supports new genetic research.

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