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Every day I experienced miracles at the Camino Travel 

Every day I experienced miracles at the Camino

I knew Camino was a special experience. I’ve read a lot about it, I’ve talked a lot with people who’ve been through – everyone described it as the most beautiful way of life. In a pilgrimage district, a nice girl said goodbye: “There is a miracle for you in every bush.” I felt that I was there, but I did not dream that I would walk 900 kilometers in such euphoric state.

It may sound strange for some; why should you go from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean in search of happiness? Because the Camino de Santiago is a special route. It is said that they are under the Milky Way and are already in front of Christianity. There are very powerful energies here as if there was a gate between heaven and earth. But if we do not believe in such things, it is worth it because it’s beautiful in the scenery, fascinating Spanish cities and incredibly nice locals.

I went to find the selfless, happy, innocent child within me, which is hidden in the souls of all souls. At the end of May I left when nature awakened and every leaf and flower rumbled: I wanted to live. I’ve always liked to hike, I feel home in the woods as if it were my real world. I’m not saying I was afraid of the big road, but I felt it would be okay and I would do it all along. In fact, I gave myself a few days, if I did not have enough 800 kilometers, I could continue walking to Finisterre.

I was planning on spending forty days, which was a very good decision. I could comfortably spend 20 to 25 kilometers a day, so I had time to meditate, yoga, watch a city, admire churches, or linger in the grass. I never liked to have to hurry for a trip, because you miss a lot of beauty.

In nature, I consciously slow down, because I run into everyday life. Let me enchant the forest as my walking slows down, my thoughts also dampen. So I notice the lush moss wrap, the dingy glittering grass, the unkempt little flowers lurking from the avar, the hidden strawberries, the weird tree trunks, and the crown of the canopy of the canopy.

I guess I have to leave the comfort zone several times on the road. One of the difficulties was the mass stops. There was one who slept without a problem in a room for a hundred, but I was looking for rooms for 10 to 25 people, and I still had the loudest snoring.

One night I could not stand, I decided to go out under the open sky. It was a good idea to fall asleep as millions of stars kept my dream. There was a deep silence over the landscape. At that time, I understood the pilgrims who avoided bustling accommodations and spent the night outdoors.

But it was still the worst night. In Mañer, I went to a room with all the men, they were snoring all week, they had a real concert, what the ear plug did not touch. The Italian above me was not just loud but he was twitching all night. I did not sleep for a minute, anger broke in the morning and I had to get myself back, so I did not shake it.

As the next day it turned out, the old Italian man has a nervous problem that the doctors can not even start. As we talked about the field, my anger turned slowly into sympathy. And as the change took place in me, something was happening in it. With this sentence, he said good-bye: “I wish that for the rest of your journey for the inconvenience that I have caused you, it will only be good for you to do the rest of your journey.” He told me so much with tears in my eyes.

How many times in my life so long have I been shaking my anger, instead of trying to figure it out in my own way? The road was constantly taught: by approaching my pilgrim fellow with no anger, I received a blessing that accompanied him.

Every day a miracle

During the journey, I had many opportunities to help others. Many pilgrims poured their souls on me, but I had a cure for my physical ills.   My little backpack was propolis, silver colloid, Vietnamese balm, wax oil, wax oil, gauze, sticky paste, several herbs. I stumbled upon so many people who needed one of them, and I was very happy to be able to help.

Soon the news is that if you have a pain in your throat, you have a foot or diarrhea, then you have to look for me. When I needed help, somehow I always got it. It worked in a perfect circle, without any expectations.

Every day I experienced miracles at the Camino I felt I was just where I had to be. As I arrived in San Antonio, I was surprised to find that the asphalt road was passing through the remnants of the 12th century church. I passed through a huge arch, and wondered just how much a church this once had.

Many people go to the monastery, thinking that there are only ruins here. But I walked around the huge building and found the gate to my greatest pleasure. I walked into the church and felt a strange feeling: I got home. It was a very good déjá vu experience as if I had lived here.

I could have touched the magic of the place. I sat down, closed my eyes and tried to understand why I feel so at home. I just did not want to move, as if I could stay here forever – I had such strange thoughts. It turned out that here was a pilgrimage hospital now, which now works as a hostel. For a long time, I talked to two women working here, and then with a sore heart I decided to go because I had my pre-booked accommodation in the next town.

When I came to Castojeriz, I knew I had nothing to do. Without leaving my mind, I canceled my reservation, fortunately the owner was understandable. I started back, but I lost, so I finally got to the church with a stop. The two hospitalists were amazed, but they could understand what brought them back because they had been volunteering here for years (despite the fact that there is no electricity or hot water). There are certain places that are detained. I could not explain why, but I had to come back here. I do not regret.

Strength of St. James’s shell

I was on the way to halfway when I left my shell. And the one important symbol, hanging on every pilgrim’s backpack. When, for example, one of the pilgrims had stolen his bag at the train station, he was desperate after the thief, because he was in his backpack. The thief finally did not get far. When he noticed the white handset on the pack, he threw the bag in fright and ran away. There is such power to the St James Bouquet.

There is a great respect for pilgrims throughout the 900 kilometers. Local people will do their best to help them. Many of you have walked the way or a part of it, so they are full of sympathy. Those who do not have the opportunity to go up, ask the pilgrims, take their prayers to the Cathedral of Sant’Angelo.

Many people were sick on the road, but I met people who were brought in because they got sick of some serious illness. There was someone who made the trip because he lost a loved one and tried to process his death.Several people reported that they were incredible, they met on the road with their late parents, companions, or close relatives. They say that St. James is a completely different dimension, something that can happen in reality is impossible.

I personally experienced it. I was thinking a lot about my grandparents walking while I was lucky because I was a constant participant in my childhood and received a lot of love from them. In one of the temples, as I opened my eyes after meditation, a tiny old aunt came over me. Like in the story, I put a hand in my hand and it was not there either. As we glanced up for a few seconds, I felt it was a heavenly gift.

Maybe I just imagined the resemblance, because I was thinking about my grandmother all day long. Anyway, I was so excited about the unexpected gift that I was crying. It was a real camino miracle, for I’ve been asking the gods for days to send me an earphone. Plus, the gift mussel looked exactly like I lost, just on its back there was the red cross, symbol of the temple knights. It was long ago considered to be wearing such a cross, it should not be hurt. And if someone had hurt his wearer, he was punished for it. So I was under double protection.

The next miracle occurred in Estella. In the evening I arrived too late, the Church of St. Michael was just closed. But Uncle was kind enough to open it again, so I could go for a few minutes. When he closed the church for a second time suddenly his movements seemed very familiar. We told him we were looking for a cheap restaurant, and he offered to accompany us to this one.

But then it was not the local kid, but my dear, beloved grandmother. As she moved as she spoke, she smiled at me – one of my grandfathers. I did not want to believe my eyes. How can that be? How strange is this game of heaven?

I hugged him, but then I was crying harder because his embrace was just like my grandma. I’m sure this is not a coincidence. My grandfather told me: I’m here, I’ll be with you on the road and I’ll take care of you. “


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