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The minimum wage gap is large in the EU      European Union 

The minimum wage gap is large in the EU   

There is a huge, nearly eight-fold gap between the EU member states in the minimum wage, and the highest minimum wage paid in Luxembourg, according to a report published Friday by the EU Statistical Office (Eurostat).

Eurostat has been investigating in the 22 Member States where a law provides for minimum payable for full-time employees.
According to a survey of 1 January this year, the highest minimum wage was paid in Luxembourg, EUR 1999 per month, the lowest in Bulgaria, EUR 261.
The statistics office has classified the countries into three categories according to their gross minimum wage in euro.
For countries with a minimum wage of less than EUR 500, Bulgaria (261), Lithuania (400), Romania (408), Latvia (430), Hungary (445), Croatia (462), Czech Republic (478), Slovakia (480), Estonia 500) and Poland (503).
Among the 500 to 1000 Euro minimum wage countries, Portugal (677 euros), Greece (684), Malta (748), Slovenia (843) and Spain (859) were included.
There are seven countries with the highest minimum wage-paying countries of over EUR 1000: Great Britain (EUR 1401), France and Germany (1498), Belgium (1563), The Netherlands (1578), Ireland (1614) and Luxembourg (1999).
For comparison: in the United States at federal level, the minimum wage is currently equal to EUR 1048.
It also compared minimum wages on the basis of Eurostat’s PPP, measured by purchasing power (PPS). The country-wide deviation is much lower, now only three times, given the differences in price levels. The highest minimum wage is thus paid by Luxembourg (1597 PPS), the lowest being Bulgaria (546 PPS). In Hungary 743 PPS is the minimum wage with which the country is ranked 16th among the examined Member States.

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