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About € 87 million was spent on preventing Catalan independence referendum Finance 

About € 87 million was spent on preventing Catalan independence referendum

Around 87 million euros have been taken to prevent the unconstitutional revocation of the Catalan independence referendum on 1 October, the Spanish Interior Minister said on Thursday at the hearing of the Spanish House of Parliament, the Senate’s competent committee, in Madrid on Thursday.

    According to Juan Ignacio Zoido, this amount includes the deployment, accommodation, food and mobilization of the Spanish police and gendarmerie.
    The so-called Copernicus operation involved an average of 4500 policemen and gendarmes, with a total of six thousand between 30 September and 2 October.
    The dean, referring to the Barcelona prosecutor’s office, called police intervention on 1 October as “legitimate, professional and proportionate.”
    As he said, the authorities had to “take action in very difficult circumstances” and fulfill their task of protecting the public good within the law and protecting the law.
    “The events have been regrettable, and should not have been possible, but state security forces can not avoid their responsibilities, can not stand aside and move when circumstances so require,” he said, emphasizing the arrogance and the unhappiness of Catalan President and Government of Carles Puigdmont. irresponsibility “.
    The Interior Minister expressed regret that there were those who were injured, but that he was responsible for all those who created a tense and disobedient climate with “arbitrary, irresponsible and illegal behavior”.
    As stated at the committee meeting, 1066 civilians and 431 police officers were registered as injured on the day of the referendum on violence.
    Juan Ignacio Zoido criticized the Catalan police’s passivity for today’s failure to comply with the judicial provision that instructed them to close the polling stations.
    According to him, police forces have closed 113 polling stations, 11 “problem” sites, and 54 more protesters.
    The Interior Minister stressed that there were “built-in radicals” at the polling stations who were ready to face the authorities, not just “spontaneously” crowded around the globe in order to vote.
    At the hearing of the minister, opposition representatives rated the police as unreasonable and improvised on 1 October.
    Socialist Senator Francisco González Cabana described the Interior Minister as “unsuitable” and, in his opinion, “a certain degree of naivety” was to believe that the Catalan police would prevent the vote.
    Xavier Castellana, Senator of the leftist Left of the Catalan Republic (ERC), said: “The political will of the Franco-Franco dictator – violence, lies and deprivation of liberty – was used to defend the unity of Spain.

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