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An earlier work by Modigliani was discovered under a well-known masterpiece           Interesting Facts Culture 

An earlier work by Modigliani was discovered under a well-known masterpiece        

Amedeo Modigliani’s Portrait of a Girl, a former, unpublished work of the London Tate Museum was discovered by an X-ray examination – read the website of The Guardian’s UK Daily.

According to art historians, the portrait now portrayed is a portrayal of the artist of the Italian artist Beatrice Hastings. To the picture, Modigliani painted a portrait of a girl in 1917. The painting is part of the London Tate Gallery collection.
The girl portrayal model, considered as a masterpiece, is unknown. According to a theory, the stormy relationship of the painter with Hastings in 1916 ended, and Modigliani probably wanted to completely erase his former love of his life.
Nancy Ireson, the international art curator of Tate, said, “It’s all a guess but a nice hypothesis.” He added: in reusing the reusable cannons, it is rarely possible to find out what kind of image was originally on them, so it is so exciting to discover an recognizable figure, Hastings’s portrayal of almost all its size.
Modigliani’s characteristic, stretched-out portraits and special feminine acts swap hosts for huge sums at auctions. Reclining Nude, made in 1917-18, was sold for £ 113 million ($ 40 billion) in 2015, making it the second best selling art auction in the auction history.
Although the artist was acknowledged in his life, he always struggled with financial problems and sold his designs for pennies, and in 1919 he sold all his works to just £ 100. He was only 35 when he died in 1920 as a result of a serious illness. Hastings’s fate was tragic, his health was paralyzed by alcoholism, and he became a suicide in 1943 in a deadly ill person in England.
The hidden portrait was found thanks to an extensive research by Modigliani. The Modigliani Exhibition ends on April 2 at Tate Modern. At the initiative of the museum, art historians and museums worldwide have studied the materials and technique of the Italian master. Among other things, X-rays have been screened for his works.
Modigliani is often considered to be counterfeit artists. Last year, the Palazzo Ducale’s Modigliani exhibition in Genoa had to be closed sooner, as it turned out that there were 21 fake counterfeit figures out of 60 images.
Using the latest scientific methods, it is possible to determine which of the truly authentic Modigliani paintings can be seen from the examination of dye and canvas.

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