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He climbed up to a 23-story office building in Minnesota with a raccoon United States Of America 

He climbed up to a 23-story office building in Minnesota with a raccoon

The raccoon is already safe, climbing up the top of a 23-storey Minneapolis office building. The dizzying production of the small animal has become a huge sensation on Twitter.

Evan Frost and Tim Nelson, a Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) journalist, watched the raccoon rampant across the office building on Tuesday morning. Subsequently, it was documented on Twitter as the little animal climbs up and down all day long.
There was a massive crowd at the building as the pictures appeared, and the local media was broadcasting the dangerous stunt all day.
The raccoon reached the roof at dawn on Wednesday, where she had fed cat food in a trap. According to the BBC’s report, an animal protection organization takes over and releases it later.
Tim Nelson told the British news portal: The heartbeat was the sight of the little animal climbing up and down the wall, resting on the windowsill. “We could not imagine how she would escape with her skin,” he added.
There are many raccoons in America but usually see them in the streets as they search for food in the trash can. That’s why the “panda panda” nicknamed them.
According to wildlife experts, Minnesota lives in every square mile of a dozen or so raccoons, immersive mammals, adapted to the proximity of man, they are almost everywhere, but they do not climb to high-rise buildings, “said Nelson.
The two reporters said they were very surprised that they made such a sensation with the images on Twitter. “It’s almost absurd to make a couple of pictures of an animal that people usually hate and feel disgusting, and suddenly thousands are responding to Twitter and dating,” Frost said.
Although recorded as the raccoon reached the roof at three o’clock in the morning, it was only officially confirmed five hours later that they were found in the trap intact.
The fearless raccoon still attracted attention from the director of the galaxy’s guard James Gunn: the Hollywood filmmaker still offered on behalf of the rescuer to donate $ 1000 to a charity. One of the protagonists of Gunn’s blockbuster is a raccoon.
Meanwhile, the rafting raccoon has its own Twitter page, which has 2500 followers.

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