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Moscow will improve relations with Washington, but the Americans are knocking on the ball Big World 

Moscow will improve relations with Washington, but the Americans are knocking on the ball

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country is ready to improve its relations with the United States, but – as he said – “now the ball in the space of the Americans”.

Russian President spoke on Rosszija 1 television on Saturday, the full text of the interview appeared on the news portal.
Vladimir Putin said that there are various means of improving Russian-American relations, including personal meetings. He noted that he had already met with the US president in international fora, but such exchanges could not pay enough attention to Russian-American relations and it would be useful to hold a bilateral meeting. It is only the question, he added, of whether the domestic political situation in the United States allows this.
“I hope this is going to happen. Anyway, we are ready for this. I think the ball is popping up in the Americans,” said the Russian president.
You were asked what your personal experience was with US President Donald Trump. According to Putin, in spite of the fact that the American president is often criticized in the economic sphere, especially in the international arena today, criticizing his decisions in the economic sphere, his personal experience is that Trump is “a profound person who can listen to and respond to the arguments raised by the negotiating partner” and it is assumed that their future meeting will be constructive.
“There are many ways to deal with the decisions that are taken in the United States, including the decisions made by the American president, and can be criticized, but there is a lot of criticism that has already been said: Trump adheres to the election campaign promises, “Putin said.
The other day, The Wall Street Journal and the TASSZ news agency have been informed that the Russian-American summit could be established by Austrian mediation in Vienna as early as Trump’s July European visit. WSJ, referring to an unspecified European diplomatic source, wrote that Putin had asked Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on his visit to Austria on Monday to hold the summit.
Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peszkov confirmed on Saturday that Putin and Trump’s recent telephone conversation was also discussed at the summit’s meeting venues, and was also discussed at the Kurz meeting, but there is still no concrete agreement on it.
Putin and Trump spoke last on the phone on March 20, two days after re-election of the Russian President.

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