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Moscow expects a “chemical and biological” projectiles near Tbilissi, Lugar Big World 

Moscow expects a “chemical and biological” projectiles near Tbilissi, Lugar

Would you like to receive a response from the Russian Defense Ministry from the United States and Georgia about the “chemical and biological weapons ammunition” at Lugar, near Tbilissi, on Thursday in Moscow, Major General Igor Kirillov, Russian Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense commander of troops.

The general said that Russian military experts had analyzed the documents that were issued by Igor Giorgadze, a former Georgian interior security minister, in September at the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Laboratory. It was found that some of the patents concerned ammunition for the delivery of chemical and biological products.
Kirillov also accused the United States of experimenting in humans in Georgia and urged the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) to endorse Washington on these and the disclosure of data on the development of biological weapons.
The general’s general claims that she was being disguised as a medical procedure in the center, and she was likely to have been poisoning or biological warfare on humans. Kirillov based this on the fact that many volunteer experimental subjects died practically at the same time as the documents referred to in the documents called Sovaldi. Since this drug is widely used to treat type C hepatitis, the Moscow Defense Ministry assumes that Gilead Sciences, a former US defense minister, Donald Rumsfeld, tried some other drug produced by him in Georgia.
According to data released by Moscow, in December 2015, 24 clinical trials followed a further 49 deaths, which were unusual hospital records even during major epidemics. Giorgadze, who was under the umbrella of Homeland Security, under the bureau of Eduard Sevardnadze, between 1993 and 1995, had previously stated that he had not started an investigation into suspicious deaths.
The general said the United States has a broad military-military program in neighboring Russia and China, including in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. According to his words, the laboratories working there are responsible for collecting data on infectious diseases, removing the national collection of pathogenic microorganism strains, including those that are capable of overcoming vaccines and resisting antibiotics. As you said, this activity is going to be from $ 1 billion in budgets between 2017 and 2019. ”
He recalled that in 2016 the United States attempted to remove tissue samples from Russian citizens for indefinite purposes.
Vladimir Samanov, Chairman of the Defense Committee of the Russian Parliamentary House, told the TASZSZ news agency that Moscow will respond with diplomatic and military steps to the development of the US military-biology program. He added, however, that there is currently no need to strengthen chemical and biological protection along the southern boundaries of Russia.
A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on September 13 that Moscow is asking for an official explanation from Washington for a microbiological laboratory near Tbilissi. The United States has repeatedly stated that it does not produce a biological weapon at the Lugar Center, and Georgia has considered the concerns as unfounded, stating that there is scientific research in the institution.

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