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the Labor Party would guarantee the rights of EU citizens Brexit 

the Labor Party would guarantee the rights of EU citizens

The UK Workers’ Party would immediately guarantee the continued validity of the rights of foreign EU citizens living in Britain for the period after the expiration of the British EU membership, according to law, said Monday the leader of the largest opposition party in the UK. Jeremy Corbyn also stated that the Labor Customs Union would be maintained between Britain and the European Union after the British withdrawal.

Corbyn, who in his speech at the Coventry University in England described his party’s Brexit strategy, called the shadow of the conservative party government that citizens of other EU countries resident in Britain have been forced to live “in the dread of insecurity” twenty months since the referendum on EU membership because the government did not have a clear guarantee for their future.
Corbyn thanked EU citizens for choosing Britain for their country and for the “incredible contribution” they provide to the life and culture of British society.
He declared that the Workers’ Party, when it comes to the government, immediately provides a law guaranteeing a permanent residence permit for EU citizens living in the UK. The Head of Labor stressed that this statutory guarantee would extend to family members of EU citizens.
According to the current British Government Conservative Party, foreign EU citizens who are living in Great Britain for at least five years until the end of British accession to the EU next March will be able to apply for settled status, and if they receive it, they will have the same privileges health care, education, social benefits and retirement as British citizens.
However, Theresa May’s government has so far refused to unilaterally enforce it, arguing that it is necessary to reach an agreement on the reciprocal basis with the European Union, given that London must also ensure that the rights of British citizens living in EU countries are preserved.
However, in the first phase of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, in the first phase of December, a reciprocal agreement was reached on the rights of British citizens residing in Britain and in EU countries, and Theresa May also anticipated that the foreign EU -the rights of citizens are later laid down by law.
However, according to the longstanding position of the Workers’ Party, this question should not have been the subject of reciprocity and London should have legally guaranteed to further enforce the rights of foreign EU citizens even unilaterally.
In Britain, it is estimated that 3.2 million foreign nationals are EU citizens, while in the EU is 1.2 million British citizens.
In his speech on Monday, Jeremy Corbyn stated that the Workers Party would maintain a permanent, comprehensive and continuing customs union with the EU after the British exit. Corbyn argues that the Labor will seek an agreement with the EU that would give the UK economy full access to a unified internal market in the Union and would preserve Britain’s full benefits for this internal market and the Customs Union.
This is a major breakthrough in the Brexit strategy of the Labor Party leader, earlier – like the Conservative Parliamen- tary Government – Corbyn was also of the view that with the expiry of the British EU membership, it would not be possible to maintain the customs union with the EU.
This revolution could, in principle, allow the Labor Party, together with other opposition parties and the rioting representatives of the Tory faction, to defeat the British government’s Brexit program in the lower house, where after the change of the Labor Brexit position, most would be those who opposed Britain’s total withdrawal the EU customs union and its single internal market.
Theresa May’s government argues that further British membership would entail fulfillment of conditionality in these two integration organizations – primarily in regulating immigration and in trade relations with non-EU countries – as if the UK’s EU membership never ceased.

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