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The royal family announced a big announcement British Royal Family 

The royal family announced a big announcement

Sarah Princess Sarolta, Prince William, the future guardian and lover of the British throne, the second child of Princess Katalin, is going to kindergarten from January. The news was announced on Monday at Kensington Palace, a London resident’s residence.

The significance of the announcement is that Sarolta, who will be three years old next year, is just the third of the British herders who are being given kindergarten. The first Charlotte’s father, Vilmos, was the son of King George, Vilmos and Katalin, Sarolta’s brother, who has since gone to school.

Previously, the presidents of the British throne and their children were always prepared by private educators in school roles in a royal residence.
Princess Sarolta, who was born in May 2015, takes his fourth place in the throne row, his great-grandfather, Crown Prince Charles, his father, Prince William and his brother Gyorgy.

Kensington Palace announced Monday that he will enter Willcocks Nursery School on January 4th. The patinated private waterfront is located not far from the palace, in the proximity of the world famous London Event Center, Royal Albert Hall. The annual fee for morning work is 9150 pounds (nearly 3.3 million forints), and for the parents of children who attend the afternoon, the institution charges 5400 pounds (1.9 million forints).

Princess Sarolta is likely to go to kindergarten in the afternoon for the first time, because the institution described it primarily as a loose profession, according to the needs of two to three year-old children, and the morning programs are more closely aligned with the interest of the 4-5-year-old.

The prince couple also published a new family photo for the announcement of the news. The photograph, made by Chris Jackson, a well-known photographer, shows Vilmin, Katalin, György and Sarolta princess at the Kensington Palace. This photo will decorate the couple’s Christmas greeting cards.

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