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Great Britain is one of the most important allies of Hungary           United Kingdom 

Great Britain is one of the most important allies of Hungary        

Britain is one of the most important allies of Hungary – said Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister on Friday in Budapest after   Briton   he discussed with his colleague.

Péter Szijjártó at the joint press conference underlined: According to Hungary, “a great big problem” for the EU   British exit, “we are very sorry for the   but only have the right to decide on the future of their country. However, Hungary regretted that it had always respected the   British decision – he recalled.
He added that this is a failure of the European Commission, as a   Briton   the government has made it clear what it would be need to stay in the union, but the committee “did not hear it   British word “.
Péter Szijjártó sees the   the withdrawal of the British is a serious economic loss for the EU and a serious political loss because we could always count on the debates on the future of Europe, in the view that a strong EU could only be built on strong Member States. In emphasizing the importance of sovereignty, we could always count on the support of Britain – he added.
He said that at the end of negotiations on Brexit, a fair agreement between the EU and Britain is needed. Hungary is of the view that the deepest and most comprehensive free trade agreement is needed, serious internal security cooperation must remain on the grounds of a serious European terrorist threat, and close co-operation in the common defense and security policy should remain.
The Foreign Minister noted that the protection of the rights of Hungarians living in Great Britain is considered by the Hungarian Government as a priority.
It points out: Britain is its 11th most important trading partner for Hungary, bilateral trade last year exceeded EUR 5 billion, more than 800   Briton   company employs some 50,000 people in Hungary.
Péter Szijjártó informed me that he had discussed the meeting   Briton   colleague   Hungary’s proposals on the UN migration package. The security of Hungarian people is most important in the debate on migration policy and the UN migration package, he said. He added: According to Hungary, the draft UN migration package is extremely immigrant, they seek to change this because they want to adopt an immigration package.
The focus of the proposals presented by Hungary on Thursday for the World Organization is that all countries have the right and duty to defend their borders, and this international community must help, “he explained. He said: Moreover, sovereignty must be respected so that a country can decide who to enter its territory. In addition, it is important that the Hungarian view is that migration is a dangerous global process and instead of encouraging it to be stopped at the center of international efforts.
Péter Szijjártó stated that nobody would allow the sovereignty of the country and the security of the Hungarians to be ignored.
One question that Ferenc Gyurcsány has raised is that the migration package is not mandatory for the Member States, the Foreign Minister said three years ago, Ferenc Gyurcsány “shook the fence” in Serbia, this tells everything about the relationship between Gyurcsány and the Hungarian people’s security. “A foolish wind blows from a foolish hole,” he said.
He also asked: Hungary asks Britain to protect all its Hungarian rights there, but hopefully rising salaries and the arrival of large brands in Hungary will trigger a process: the more Hungarians decide not to leave. That’s why big investments are good – he added.
He also talked about Hungary’s quest for pragmatic, rational cooperation with Russia, based on Hungarian interests and common sense, and many Western European countries are working closely with Russia.
Boris Johnson   Briton   Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that although Britain leaves the European Union, it will not leave Europe, Hungary. Britain remains committed to ensuring the security of Central Europe, he said.
As you said, bilateral relations are very close and in many respects the position of the two countries is similar.
According to Britain, the situation of migrants should be handled in the first country where they arrive; a distinction needs to be made between refugees and illegal immigrants, and the question of migration should be left to national competence, he explained.
Boris Johnson pointed out: it is important to defend the rights of Hungarians living and working in Great Britain, because they contribute significantly to their country’s performance. At the same time, the protection of these rights must be based on reciprocity, ie living in European countries   important for the British, too, “he noted.
Asked about Russia’s relations with Russia, Moscow has made unacceptable steps, such as Crimea, but it is important to maintain cooperation.

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