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It is a big bet for the negotiations on the budget following the Brexit Brexit 

It is a big bet for the negotiations on the budget following the Brexit

   There is a high stake in the negotiations on the follow-up to the Brexit, and the European Union should conclude negotiations on its spending plans as quickly as possible, said EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger Tuesday, at a Brussels conference on the 2020-2027 budget budget.

    The Commissioner underlined that, at a time when the British leave the European Union, the Union must demonstrate its ability to act, so it must agree on the discussions on the multiannual financial framework. “This would be an indication for autocratic Ankara and Moscow, but for some wings of the White House,” he added.
    Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, said Monday on the first day of the conference that Member States’ contributions to the next budget cycle of the European Union should be increased as a result of the planned UK exit from one of the largest net contributors. Oettinger also called for an increase in payments, adding that it would be sufficient to increase the current 1.1 percent increase.
    János Lázár, Minister of Defense of the Prime Minister, stated that Hungary is ready to raise its contribution to 1.2 percent of GNI (gross national income), as is the case with several other states in the Central and Eastern European region.
    The European Union’s 2014-2020 budget will make a commitment of EUR 963 billion, which is roughly 1% of GNI in the GNI. According to data published on the EU website, in Hungary, Hungary’s payments to the EU budget amounted to 0.89 Hungarian GNI in 2015.
    The European Commission is expected to submit its proposal for the next seven-year budget cycle in May, but the final decision will have to be taken by EU Member States and the European Parliament.

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