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The EU is getting very fast European Union 

The EU is getting very fast

Eurostat has come up with the latest statistics that show how the European society is going to grow up at a crazy pace. According to data, 19.4 per cent of the population of the European Union, ie every fifth citizen of Europe, older than 65, is in 2017.

This means that a citizen of more than 65 years of age is a citizen of roughly three working-age people, the majority of whom are retired, that is to say, three citizens must have a fourth. In a more static language, we could also say that Eurostat says the dependency ratio is 29.9 percent, the highest ever. it means that


Ten years ago, four more workers came to retirement, twenty years ago to five.

In Hungary, the rate is somewhat lower than the EU average, only 27.9 percent. Luxembourg is the best, with the dependency rate declining in the last 20 years alone, from 21.2% to 20.5%, but relatively low in Ireland (20.7%) and Slovakia (21.2%), so in these countries there are always about five employees on a retired elderly. The oldest society in the EU is Italy, where the dependency rate is above 34 percent, and the Greek and the Finnish, where this ratio is above 33 percent. But the situation in Germany, France and Sweden is worse than the EU average.

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