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In the days of heaven, the Heavenly Palace will precipitate     Interesting Facts Tech 

In the days of heaven, the Heavenly Palace will precipitate   

It is anticipated that between April and Monday, China’s Tienkung-1 (Heavenly Palace-1) China Space Laboratory, which has not been in operation since 2016, is plagued by wreckage spreading around a thousand square kilometers. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), there is very little chance of endangering people. According to Space Agency specialists, the space station of more than ten meters long is expected to move into the Earth’s atmosphere between the 43rd north latitude and the 43nd south latitude. A more accurate forecast will be able to say one day before entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The likelihood that Tienkung-1 falls into human beings is tens of millions less than the probability of a lightning strike, as most of the planet is covered with water or is uninhabited. The scientists of the Chinese space program indicate from March 31st to April 4th that the space station has been hit by Earth in their announcement. In September 2011, China released its first space laboratory, Tiankung-1, into space, where the space station has carried out six liaison maneuvers with China’s Sencsou spacecraft over the years. Almost one and a half months after the launch, the Sencsou-8 manless spacecraft was successfully interwoven. Since 2016 the successor to Tiankung-1 has been around the Earth. In the new Chinese Space Laboratory, the two astronauts working there may spend a longer time than in the previous model. Tiankung-2 has a larger storage capacity and is the first to re-propagate. The task of space stations is to prepare the construction and operation of a planned Chinese space station planned in 2022. When the International Space Station (ISS) is expected to complete its operation in 2024, China will be the only nation with a permanent station in space.

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