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Natalie Portman personally spoke about the Genezis Prize Culture 

Natalie Portman personally spoke about the Genezis Prize

Natalie Portman, an American actress in Israel, outlined why she does not take over the two-million-dollar Genezis prize called the Nobel Prize in Israel, stressing that she is neither a member nor a supporter of an anti-Israel movement, “wrote The Hollywood Reporter.

“My decision to not participate in the ceremonial handing over of the Genesis Prize was overwhelmed by many. Let me now speak in my own name. I decided to stay away from the ceremony because I do not want Benjamin to be a supporter of Netanyahu who would have spoken I’m not a member or supporter of the BDS movement, “wrote an Oscar-winning actress born in Jerusalem, referring to the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, namely the Boycott, deprivation and sanction movement.
The award-winning foundation announced on Thursday that it did not hold a ceremony scheduled for June 28 and, in its announcement, quoted a spokesman for Portman, who said “because of the recent Israeli events,” the actress “does not give up her conscience” to take over. Representatives of the Foundation have said that Portman still receives two million dollars (500 million forints) with the prize.
Responding to the news, Miri Regev, an Israeli cultural minister who is famous for his bisexual and offensive behavior, said that he believed that Portman had come to the forefront of the anti-Israel BDS movement.
The cultural organization of the movement welcomed Portman’s announcement, too.
“Like many Israelis and Jews living in the world, I can be critical of the Israeli leadership without boycotting the whole nation. I am very much concerned about my Israeli friends, family members, Israeli gastronomy, literature, art, movies and dance. Israel has been established exactly seventy years ago as a shelter for the survivors of the Holocaust. However, treatment of people who are suffering from atrocities is something that does not fit in with the Jewish value system. “said the actress, asking everyone to deal with the criticisms that are not personally derived from him.
Portman did not figure out which of the recent events he had said for his participation in the awards ceremony, but the website of the Jediot Ahronó newspaper, according to ynet, is a series of dozens of Palestinian deaths at the Gaza Strip.
The actress also announced that she will support the work of many Israeli charity organizations in the future, hoping that others will be encouraged to do so. The precise organization that will help will be published in the near future.
The Genezis Prize, originally founded in 2012, originally cost $ 1 million in cash, but Morris Kahn, an Israeli billionaire, born in South Africa, doubled this year.
Mihail Fridman, a Russian-Jewish businessman, was awarded recognition in previous years by Anish Kapoor sculptor Michael Bloomberg, New York City Mayor, Ichak Perlman and Michael Douglas.
The award will be awarded to those who stimulate the coming generations of Jews with their outstanding achievements and their commitment to Jewry and the Jewish people.

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