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NATO Summit – Donald Trump called his relationship with Angela Merkel “very good” European Union United States Of America 

NATO Summit – Donald Trump called his relationship with Angela Merkel “very good”

Artur Champion, MTI correspondent means:
US President Donald Trump, despite the problems, said he was “very good” with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following their bilateral meeting on Wednesday at the margins of the NATO Summit in Brussels.

“We have a very good relationship with the chancellor,” Trump said at a joint press conference, which he said was about the increase in the military budget, trade issues and the North Stream 2 russian gas pipeline.
“I think our trade will grow and many other things will grow,” he said.
Merkel reported that, in addition to these issues, she also agreed on migration and next week’s US-Russian Summit and stated that she was looking forward to further negotiations with Trump, the United States being a still important, good partner to Germany.
Trump morning in connection with the planned construction of North Stream 2 thought that Germany was a “hostage” in Russia, which was “fully governed by Russia,” after giving 60-70 percent of energy to Moscow or “extremely inappropriate” spending money on Europe’s defense, Germany has “a huge oil and gas business with Russia and pays $ billions a year”.
However, experts have pointed out that Russian oil and natural gas account for only 20 percent of Germany’s energy mix, and the natural gas pipeline criticized by many people across Europe is financed by private companies.
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas later stated that Germany is not hostage to either Russia or the United States.
“We are one of the guarantors of the free world, and that will continue,” said Maas, adding that Berlin is planning to increase its military expenditure by 80 percent to 2024, which is considered a remarkable achievement.
At the same time, the French Heads of State issued a communication stating that President Emmanuel Macron said that the weakening of NATO would be more costly for Member States in the long run than to increase defense spending.
They also claimed that Macron traveled to Moscow on Sunday’s World Cup finals, where he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin discussed. France’s national team got into the finals.

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