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IAEA: No sign of stopping North Korea nuclear activities Big World 

IAEA: No sign of stopping North Korea nuclear activities

Kim Dzsong Despite his intentions of a North Korean leader in the spring, his country continues to pursue nuclear activities – the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in its report.

“The continuation of the development of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic’s nuclear program is extremely worrying,” said Amano Jukija, IAEA Chief Executive Officer, in the report, which is scheduled to be submitted to the IAEA Annual General Meeting in September.
The IAEA, which has not been present since North Korea’s expulsion since its expulsion in April 2009, said it had, among other things, indications that between the end of April 2018 and the beginning of May, that is, after the meeting of the two Korean leaders, “radiochemical laboratory”.
The report also points out that the “operating cycle” started in December 2015 is under way in the Jongbjon pilot reactor.
The IAEA emphasized that Pyongyang continued to build its light water reactor and to extract and enrich uranium in the Pyonganian facility.
Amano described these activities as “deeply regrettable” in violating UN Security Council resolutions and repeatedly called on North Korea to “fully comply with its international obligations”. He stressed that the IAEA was ready to resume on-the-spot checks.
In a meeting with US President Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, on June 12, confirmed his support for “nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula”. This was announced earlier on April 27, with Mun Dzse In meeting with South Korean President, but the letter of intent did not include deadlines or modalities of decommissioning.
Last week, however, the US Department of State considered that negotiations with North Korea were “moving in the right direction”, recalling that Washington and Pyongyang were negotiating behind closed doors several times.
The next two summits of Korea will be held in September in Pyongyang.

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