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German Finance Minister: The euro should be made to the EU as a whole         Brexit European Union 

German Finance Minister: The euro should be made to the EU as a whole      

According to the outgoing German Finance Minister, the euro should become the European Union’s currency.

In his statement to the Financial Times, Wolfgang Schäuble, in his statement to the Financial Times, called for Brexit, that is, the termination of the British EU membership, calling the British politicians in Brexit who said Britain was too much to join the EU.
In an interview on Monday’s online edition of the London economic newspaper, Schäuble stated that the euro should be the currency of the EU and that the European Union as a whole should use the euro as a currency.
According to Wolfgang Schäuble, Europe’s political integration is by far the best way to bring about human coexistence and a peaceful world, and this requires the economic integration of Europe, and economic integration requires a common currency.
The German Finance Minister, who is scheduled to be the German Bundestag’s newly formed federal parliament, is to announce that the most important task now is to reduce the risk because these risks are still too high; it is enough to look at the balance sheet situation of many EU Member States’ banking systems.
Schäuble says it is necessary to ensure that the euro area is sufficiently resilient if it faces another economic crisis, as the economic situation will not always be as good as it is now.
Without mentioning the names of the veteran German politicians, he added: while protecting the inhabitants of the EU Member States from the “demagogues” who say to them that Europe is “overwhelmed”.
“The British have shown us how stupid this is,” said the German Finance Minister, referring to the arguments of Brexit in the referendum campaign on the British EU membership.
In a referendum last June, a small, 51.9 per cent majority of participants were excited that the United Kingdom would step out of the EU.
One of the central arguments of the Brexit camp led by the current British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in the referendum campaign was that UK membership of the EU was 350 million pounds (120 billion forints) per week and this money was allocated to the UK public healthcare system should be spent.
This claim, however, has been in the campaign period during the campaign period, and Johnson has been again sharply criticized lately, as he recalled this argument a few weeks ago in a newspaper article.
Following the release of Johnson’s article, the head of the independent supervisory authority of the UK statistical office called an “official abuse of statistical information” by open letter about a claim of $ 350 million worth of British membership in the EU.

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