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“Popular” films are also rewarded by the American Academy of Film Movie United States Of America 

“Popular” films are also rewarded by the American Academy of Film

In the spirit of opening up popular films, a new Academy Award winner will launch a new Academy Award-winning film academy that will stage a thrilling three-hour shoot and a much earlier date for the 2020 award ceremony.

Newly re-elected chairman of the American Film and Art Academy (AMPAS), John Bailey, and its managing director, Dawn Hudson, informed the members of the board on a Wednesday morning e-mail about the changes approved by the Governing Council on Tuesday night – the BBC wrote.
The new category dedicated to audience prospects will have a greater chance of winning the Oscar award for cinemas that are highly popular among audiences, but critics have not really been able to win.
For now, it is not known whether a new winner will be announced in the new category on 24 February 2019. According to the emails sent to the members, the terms of the nomination and other details are “shortly communicated”.
Over the years, massive revenue-making works, such as Mamma Mia !, Avatar and Mission Impossible, were not well-performed at the Oscars. The category of high-profile films may help to silence the critical voices that many of the works recognized by the Academy of Film do not reflect what the public really wants to see.
The Board of Governors of the Academy of Films also made the 92nd awards ceremony advance, February 9, 2020. In addition, he decided to shuffle television broadcasts for three hours to make the Galaxy “more accessible to world-viewers”.
In order for all 24 categories to be included in the broadcast, some of the prizes will be passed during the advertising time and the winners will be edited in a later part of the broadcast.
The Board of Governors also re-elected the film director John Bailey, the film academy, on Tuesday night. Bailey, who has been a member of the academy for 15 years, received the first mandate to lead the institution last year for a year. His current mandate is three years.
The old and new president records films such as the American Jigsaw, the Will not be so! or Until Idle. In 2014, he received the life prize of American cameramen.

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