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New York State State Attorney has ordered all Catholic churches to be screened for sexual abuse United States Of America 

New York State State Attorney has ordered all Catholic churches to be screened for sexual abuse

New York State State Attorney on Thursday ordered all Catholic wards of the state to be screened for possible sexual abuse. In New Jersey for a similar investigation, the State Attorney creates a commission of inquiry.

Barbara Underwood State Attorney at New York State announced a civil lawsuit against all eight wards of the state to find out whether the Church had acted properly in exploring possible sexual abuse. The public prosecutor sent a summons to all parishes under penalty of a fine.
In New Jersey, adjacent to New York State, State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal will direct the special committee to investigate whether sexual abuses such as Pennsylvania have occurred and have attempted to overthrow the ecclesiastical superiors. Both Public Prosecutor’s Offices cited a report published by a prosecution in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago revealing that over the past seven decades, more than a thousand children in the Member States have been victims of the sexual harassment of priests. The report also pointed out that the Pensilvania Catholic leaders had been aware of abuses all the time, but they covered them. “The report of the Pensilvania accusation raises the veil of the incredibly embarrassing and overwhelmed actions of the priesthood … The New Yorkers have the right to have their voices heard and we can do our best to give them justice,” said Underwood Attorney General . At the same time, he also announced a “hotline” to allow victims to talk to investigators. General State Prosecutor Gurbir Grewal, New Jersey, also reported that victims would be able to “report directly to investigators” on a hot spot. “We owe so much to New Jersey residents to find out if we have the same abuses as in Pennsylvania, and if so, then we will take the appropriate measures against those responsible,” Grewal said.
In the United States over the past few weeks the Catholic Church has been tormented by a series of ill-conceived sexual abuse. The Pensilvania scandal exploded on 15 August. Since then it has been revealed that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the archbishop of Washington, was also accused of sexual abuse, and even of his affairs, he was supposed to be known to Pope Francis. McCarrick was forced to resign from his post at the Cardinal College. Daniel DiNardo, President of the American Bishops’ Conference – who has issued a condemnation and apology for the matter – is preparing for the Vatican to discuss the situation.

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