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Nigel Farage: A new EU referendum should be used to silence the outgoing opponents Brexit 

Nigel Farage: A new EU referendum should be used to silence the outgoing opponents

Nigel Farage said it would be possible to hold a new referendum on Britain’s EU membership to “silence” anti-Brexit voices.

Farage, a former leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), one of the flagships of radical British anti-EU camps in Britain’s Thursday political magazine magazine Channel 5, said: “Blair and Clegg never give up , will go to sleep, moan and moan the entire Brexit process.
Farage, who is currently a member of the European Parliament, Tony Blair, was a former Labor Party and Sir Nick Cleggre, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, who regularly and firmly speak against Brex, calling for a new referendum.
Farage said in Thursday’s TV show he was beginning to get the need for a new referendum because he thought that a much bigger Brexit victory would have been “silenced for generations” by the tone of the exit and “sinking into total insignificance Tony Blair” .
In the referendum held in June 2016 on British EU membership, the winners of the referendum came to a narrow, 51.9 per cent majority.
Since then, more people have argued on the need for a new referendum, but on the contrary, like on Thursday, Nigel Farage.
Tony Blair, the most well-known and influential British publicist anti-Brexit, recently voiced last week’s opinion that the right to “rethink” the referendum vote on British voters to end EU membership had to be granted since nobody knew during the referendum how is the exit from the European Union.
Blair, who served as Prime Minister of the Workers ‘Party in the Opposition Political Party between 1997 and 2007, declared BBC Radio as saying that if voters’ opinion on Brexit does not change, then of course, the EU has to step out of the EU. He added, however: common sense would suggest that if the new relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union is proven to not offer a promising future for the British, then it is possible to think about the Brexit decision.
According to recent surveys, Blair’s opinion is broadly supported by voters.
One of the UK’s largest public opinion polls, surveyed by Survation Day, says 50 percent of Britons want a referendum to decide on a future final settlement of the Brexit conditionality system. A new referendum was opposed by 34 percent of respondents.
The conservative British government is rigidly rejecting any new referendum on British membership in the EU. Theresa May’s spokesman responded to Farage’s words as a roundtable saying that there would be no second referendum.

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