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The population of Belgium increased last year European Union 

The population of Belgium increased last year

By about 0.48 percent, the number of residents in Belgium rose by over 11.3 million, according to data measured at the beginning of the year. Of the newly registered, about 42,000 migrated from countries outside the European Union, Belgian daily La Libre Belgique said.

According to data from the Belgian statistical office, last year’s population growth was mainly due to a slight increase in birth rates. However, the growth rate has nevertheless lagged behind the previous year.
Significant, over 54,000 were the number of new citizenship from naturalization, about three-quarters of them, some 42,000 from non-European countries.
According to the report, there is a significant difference between population growth in Belgium. The most prominent, 0.7 percent increase over the previous year, was recorded in Flanders, the Flemish-speaking region of the country, and most of all in Antwerp and its surroundings. The least-developed region last year was the neighborhood of the French-speaking town of Wallonia Hainaut.
January data show that 50.8% of the population in Belgium is female and 49.2% male. This roughly balanced ratio is true for all regions of the country, with small differences.
According to data, Flanders gives more than half of Belgium’s population. In the Flemish region there are about 6.5 million inhabitants, while 3,6 million in the French-speaking Vallonia. The Belgian autonomous public capital, Brussels’s population, approached 1.2 million in January, the daily said.

Source: MTI

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