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On November 1, the EU-Cuba Cooperation Agreement will enter into force       European Union Big World 

On November 1, the EU-Cuba Cooperation Agreement will enter into force    

On Wednesday, a cooperation agreement between the European Union and Cuba is to enter into force, which aims to establish relations and promote political dialogue between the parties, the European Commission announced.

The Brussels body announced Tuesday that the treaty to reach a higher level in relations between the two regions is the first convention between the EU and Cuba.
“A new chapter begins with the partnership between the EU and Cuba. Today, the European Union is closer to Cuba and Cuban citizens,” said Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy. He added: Europe and Latin America are linked together by common history and culture.
The purpose of the agreement is to support the Cuban economic and social transition. It promotes dialogue and cooperation in promoting sustainable development, promoting respect for democracy and human rights, and developing common solutions to global challenges.
In Latin America alone, Cuba had no cooperation agreement with the Union.
Cuba has been improving its international relations since 2014: it has relaxed its frozen relationship with the United States and has agreed to cancel two thirds of its loans from foreign governments. According to experts, Fidel Castro, the father of the Cuban revolution, last year’s death could further weaken the island’s international isolation.
The EU is the second largest trading partner in Cuba, the largest foreign investor and the number of third-party tourists to the island.

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