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A tragedy was reported by the relocated Catalan president in Belgium     European Union 

A tragedy was reported by the relocated Catalan president in Belgium  

Tracking device was found hidden in his car, and the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, who was replaced by the Belgian police, reported on Belgian daily La Libre Belgique on Thursday.

The Belgian daily, referring to the article in the Spanish newspaper El Espanol, reported that the personnel responsible for the personal safety of the former Catalan driver had noticed a few square centimeters of tracking device routinely when the car was routinely checked and immediately notified to the Belgian authorities.
According to the report, the structure could continuously transmit the exact position of the car. However, the former Catalan leader was arrested on Sunday by the Spanish authorities on Sunday, near the German-Danish border, according to a European arrest warrant issued by the Spanish Supreme Court on Friday.
Puigdemont’s lawyer for a violation of the right to privacy in Belgium – they added.
The Spanish Supreme Court filed charges against Carles Puigdemon, who left the country in the end of October and rescued her in Belgium after the resignation of the country on October 1, unconstitutionally held a referendum on the independence of independence and the adoption of the Catalan declaration of independence. In voluntary exile he repeatedly stated that he would not receive a fair trial in Spain.

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