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Offshore scandal – The UK tax office wants to see the papers       United Kingdom 

Offshore scandal – The UK tax office wants to see the papers    

The British Tax and Customs Office (HMRC) asked for insight into the documents disclosed with the latest offshore leak.

In Britain, the biggest port was that, after the offshore tax havens, only the documentary known as Paradis Papers (Paradise Papers), the ancient faith in the British crown’s asset portfolio, an independent source of income for the ruling monarch, was also affected by the recent international offshore scandal .
The British Prime Minister’s spokesman said Monday that HMRC requested full access to leaked documents that could affect British companies or investors.
Downing Street spokeswoman stressed that offshore investments are not automatically a violation of law, but the British tax office wants an urgent insight into the papers to clarify the truthfulness of the “rumors” accompanying the weekend leakage.
The Public Service and Trade Unions (PCS) announced on Monday a statement calling for immediate decommitments and office closures in the tax office from the conservative British government.
According to the PCS report, the British budget falls annually for 120 billion pounds (HUF 42 thousand billion) due to tax evasion practices, while the number of HMRC experts has fallen by half in the past few years.
Amnesty International also spoke on Monday. The world’s largest human rights organization in London has urged world governments to urgent action against wealthy people and companies using aggressive tax evasion methods.
According to Amnesty International, poor people are suffering the loss of unpaid taxes.
It is appalling that, in the current period, when governments around the world save on health, education, housing and welfare spending, countless rich people and companies can billions of dollars in tax havens – says the London Declaration of the Global Defense Organization.
In a statement issued on Monday by the British Ministry of Finance, however, it emphasizes that tax revenues increased by 160 billion pounds (HUF 56 thousand billion) since 2010, when it came to the Conservative Party Government, as a result of action against tax evasion.
According to the Ministry of Finance, this amount includes the 2.8 billion pounds that they have been able to recover from trying to get their money out of tax.


HMRC ropes currently employ 26,000 people in tax evasion cases, and the government has increased funding for the tax office by 800 million pounds, says the finance ministry statement.
Jeremy Corbyn, the largest opposition party in the United Kingdom, was the head of the Labor Party, speaking at the annual British Congress of Congressional Industries (CBI), on the Monday. Queen Elisabeth should apologize for the monarchy’s asset manager being involved in the latest offshore scandal – he argued outright: everyone who has put money into tax havens for tax evasion should not only apologize but also acknowledge that this behavior what effect it has on society as a whole.
Corbyn’s spokesman later emphasized: the leader of the Workers’ Party called “not specifically the queen” for apology but only wants their money to be tax havens in order to avoid tax evasion to recognize the damage they cause to society.
According to the leaked data volume of 13.4 million files, the property portfolio of the Duchy of Lancaster, which currently carries the task of managing the crown’s asset management since 1399, has been in the hands of the Duchy of Lancaster since 2004, and in 2005 it was approximately 10 million penny in an investment fund with headquarters in Bermuda and Cayman Islands.
Although there is no indication that the Duchy of Lancaster, which handles almost 500 million wealth fundraisers, would have committed any offense, experts and commentators agree, however, that 91-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth is certainly quite embarrassed to have the monarchy’s ancient private property management agency become involved in offshore investment transactions.
However, the ruler has no influence on the investment decisions of the Duchy of Lancaster.

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