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Offshore scandal – Prince Charles has been campaigning for a climate agreement that could have yielded an investment benefit       British Royal Family United Kingdom 

Offshore scandal – Prince Charles has been campaigning for a climate agreement that could have yielded an investment benefit    

Charles the British throne ten years ago campaigned for climate change conventions from which the private credentials of his private estate could indirectly have material benefits if lobbying succeeded and did not publicize it at this time – among other things, it came out of documents that with the latest offshore leak.

Following offshore tax havens, a total of 96 media and news media, including the Paradox Papers (Paradise Papers), are currently involved in the processing of data volumes of 13.4 million files worldwide, including the BBC British Public Service Media Panorama, the editor of the fact-finding television program of Panorama, and The Guardian’s Left UK daily newspaper.
According to the BBC’s investigative editorial by Tuesday’s Tuesday, the Duchy of Cornwall, a collection of over 54,000 hectares of landlord and trusteeship trusts from Prince Charles Prince’s private income, purchased secrets for $ 113,500 in 2007 Bermuda-based company.
The Sustainable Forestry Management company itself sent the lobbying documentation required for amendments to the climate agreement to the prince’s office, but Károly’s lobbying was ultimately no purpose.
Also from Tuesday’s papers, it is apparent that the Duchy of Cornwall made $ 3.9 million worth of offshore investments in four funds, which are registered in the Cayman Islands.
There was no suspicion of tax evasion in this regard, but some experts from the BBC suggested that the investment in Bermuda was seriously incompatible with Károly’s campaign activities.
Duchy of Cornwall spokesman, however, reported Tuesday that the heir to the throne had no direct influence on the investment decisions of the college.
This weekend offshore scandal exploded Prince Charles’s mother, II. She also concerns Queen Elizabeth.
According to the leaked mass of data, the property fund of the Dancers of Lancaster (Duchy of Lancaster), who currently carries out the task of managing the crown’s asset management in various forms since 1399, still occupies approximately 10 million pounds in 2004 and 2005, an investment fund whose headquarters are registered in Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.
Although there is no evidence that the Duchy of Lancaster, which handles nearly 500 million wealth fundrains, has committed an offense, experts and commentators agree, however, that 91-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth is certainly quite embarrassed to have the monarchy’s ancient private property management agency become involved in offshore investment transactions.
However, the ruler has no influence on the investment decisions of the Duchy of Lancaster.

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