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Vaccination can lead to anticoagulants in the future Other 

Vaccination can lead to anticoagulants in the future

Vaccination may eventually lead to oral anticoagulants to reduce the risk of secondary stroke caused by blood clots according to a new Japanese study.

According to a study published in the journal of the American Heart Association Hypertension, Japanese researchers have successfully tested a mice in an experimental vaccine that provided protection against clot formation for more than two months without increasing the risk of bleeding or causing an autoimmune response. The lack of autoimmune response is important because it means that the immune system of the mice is not a susceptibility to the vaccine as an “intruder” against which it should have been abandoned.
Those suffering from ischemic stroke caused by blood clots often need to take anticoagulants to prevent further stroke.
The vaccine worked just as well as oral clopidogrel anticoagulant – says Nakagami Hironori, professor of the University of Oulu, co-author of the study.
Developing a vaccine to replace or supplement your daily oral medicines can save you a lot of life and help prevent secondary stroke and possible heart attack, “Nakagamit told Eurekalaert as a science news portal.
“Many stroke patients do not properly take anticoagulants, which is more likely to cause another stroke. One day, vaccination can resolve this issue, as it is only time to take it,” he emphasized.
We will continue our research, and we hope that clinical trials of the vaccine will begin within five to ten years, but there are differences between mice and humans about how the immune system recognizes the vaccine. This problem needs to be solved and I believe that this vaccine is a very promising strategy for secondary stroke prevention, he added.

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