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British Under-Secretary of State for Home Affairs: It will be easy to get a status as an extension of the driving license United Kingdom 

British Under-Secretary of State for Home Affairs: It will be easy to get a status as an extension of the driving license

 According to the British Ministry of Home Affairs Immigration Secretary of State, British foreign nationals living in Britain, Brexit, after the expiration of the British EU membership, will be able to register as permanent residents of Great Britain as easily as if they wanted to extend their driving license.

    Brandon Lewis said at a hearing on Tuesday at the London House of Commons for Internal Affairs that the Interior Ministry expects 3,5 million foreign EU citizens to apply for a resident status in the United States for the next two and a half years and recruits 1,200 new staff to process applications .
    According to the State Secretary for Home Affairs, the necessary information technology systems will be built up in the first half of next year, and applications are expected to be submitted from the second half of 2018.
    Brandon Lewis says the appeals will be judged in two weeks.
    He added that he hoped that the new procedural system would be just as easy to use as the Drivers License and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) driving license extension and vehicle licensing extension scheme.
    In UK, non-professional driving licenses issued in the UK and other EU countries can be renewed using DVLA’s online system, photo and personal data up to 70 years without medical examination. The authority usually sends the new driving license to the applicant within a week.
    Recently, Prime Minister Theresa May also assured that foreign EU citizens living legally in Britain will easily be able to register themselves as a permanent resident of Great Britain after the expiration of the British EU membership.
    May, a few weeks ago, he addressed an open letter to foreign EU citizens resettled in Britain, promising them that the British government is developing a “streamlined” digital procedural procedure for acquiring established status and involving them in all stages of this development work.
    The DExEU, the United Kingdom Department of the Brexit Process, announced at the beginning of this month that EU foreign nationals would still have two years to complete a long-term residency permit after Brexit’s date and have to submit a “minimal” prove.
    According to DExEU’s proposal package, the status of a resident status will not be more than the tax levied on the issuance of British passports. The British passport is currently payable at £ 72.50 (£ 26,000).
    According to the draft of the British Government’s end June, EU foreign nationals who are living in Great Britain for at least five years in a future deadline will be able to apply for a resident status and receive the same status after Brexit education, social benefits and retirement as British citizens.


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