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Russian foreign affairs: organized propaganda action is Dutch accusation Big World 

Russian foreign affairs: organized propaganda action is Dutch accusation

The Russian Foreign Ministry, on Thursday, criticized the Dutch allegation that Russian hackers attempted a cyber attack on the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) and attempted to obtain information on the investigation into Malaysian passenger traffic on South-East Ukraine.

The Netherlands announced during the day that four Russian intelligence expelled in April at that address.
In his statement, the Russian diplomatic ministry stressed that the anti-Russian spy campaign campaigning with targeted offensive shipwrecks on the alleged cyber-attacks in the Netherlands is causing serious damage to the bilateral relationship. The diplomats who formulate the document argue that the accusations against Moscow are aimed at creating the political background needed to pass through the mechanism of the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) to determine the responsibility for the deployment of chemical weapons.
The document pointed out that the OPCW was launching a Tuesday hearing on the establishment of a system of accountability, in line with international law norms and the prerogatives of the UN Security Council, in the framework of the technical secretariat, in line with the aspirations of some Western countries.
Experiments involving allegations of Russian cyberattacks in connection with the Boeing 777 passenger ship over Ukraine, which was destroyed in 2014, according to the Russian statement, indicate that the Netherlands can not answer the information that the Russian Defense Ministry has missed on the missile destroyer .
The preliminary results of the international investigation into Malaysian airline MH17 flight disaster were responsible for the disaster in Moscow. The Russian defense ministry called it an unsubstantiated statement and allegedly relying on Soviet production and registration data that the plane was fired with Ukrainian rocket firearms.

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