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Deputy Minister of Russia: You can not effectively block Internet content Tech 

Deputy Minister of Russia: You can not effectively block Internet content

Increasingly, it is possible to limit access to Internet content effectively – Russian Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Telecoms Deputy, Alkeszej Volin, told RIA Novosti news agency on Thursday.

Volin believed that the authorities would sooner or later have to abolish blocking of online content because more and more people would be able to bypass it.
This is a good example of China, where users are blocking access to bulk and access blocked services, including the WhatsApp and Telegram messenger service providers. The Deputy Minister said that Russia and China will continue the exchange of experience between the two countries on the digital and media sphere.
On August 29, Volin acknowledged that the Russian authorities were unable to disable the Telegram messenger because they had enough tools to circumvent blocking. The service provider was attempting to make it unavailable because he refused to issue encryption keys to Russian service departments.
On 6 August, the Reuters news agency reported that a joint committee of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), a Russian communique and telecommunications authority (Roszkomnadzor) and a telecommunications ministry expert in the Reutov city of Moscow, analyzed and analyzed Rosztyelekom’s network of providers by trying to filter the local access to the Telegram. The first phase of the experiment that has been carried out so far has shown that this can not be done without violating other services.

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