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Russia denounces 60 US diplomats Big World 

Russia denounces 60 US diplomats

Russia expels 60 US diplomats and closes the United States Consulate in St Petersburg, and also responds symmetrical measures to any other country that has given Russian Foreign Affairs employees a desirable person for the Scripal case, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced on Thursday.

Moscow responded to Washington’s decision to disclose 60 of his 60-year-old Russian diplomats accused of espionage by Washington and the closure of Russia’s Seattle Consulate-General for the Scriptural cause of solidarity with Britain.
Lavrov said that American Ambassador Jon Huntsman was asked by the Russian Foreign Ministry, where Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rjabkov described the Russian counter-insurgency.
“In relation to the rest of the country, it will also be mirrored in terms of the number of people who will have to leave the Russian Federation from the diplomatic missions,” he added.
On the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, he said that the expulsion of US diplomats was affected by the two embassies of the US Embassy in Moscow 58 and the Consulate General of Yekaterinburg, “because of their incompatibility with their diplomatic status.” Representatives of the Americans will have to vacate the Consulate General of St. Petersburg in two days, at the latest on Saturday.
According to the diplomatic ministry’s announcement, Rjabkov provided a protest list to Huntsman for the expulsion of the embargoes and the secession of the Seattle Consulate and the intentions of the US authorities to occupy five Russian state-owned objects in 2016-17.
In addition, Jon Huntsman was required by the Russian diplomatic desk to explain his public statements that the US freezing of Russian state debt could not be excluded. According to the document, the US was warned that the “realization” of such a “threat” could lead to further “serious degradation” of bilateral relations, which could “have serious consequences for global stability”.
In the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US diplomat was alerted to the continuation of “hostile actions” against Russian diplomatic missions and consular missions in the United States, to take additional measures against US embassy and consular staff in Russia.
“The American authorities, who are encouraging to knock the campaign of slander against our country, have offered to think and end the unintended steps that ruin bilateral relations,” the document said.
Sergey Lavrov also announced that Russia has repeatedly demanded that consular access be granted to Russian-born Julija Skripal. According to the leader of Russian diplomacy, with the father of a former double agent with his father, “the rapid improvement of the status of a female poisoned in England”, the British authorities informed “finally” Moscow.
The minister said he had summoned the extraordinary meeting of the executive council of the Geneva-based Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) on Monday to discuss the Scripal case, “for a normal dialogue and truth-seeking”. She expressed hopes that Western countries “will not stand out of honest dialogue”. As you said, the opposite would be repeatedly proving that “pre-planned, very serious provocation” occurs.
Sergei Skripal, a British-Russian double agent and daughter living in Britain, Julia Szkripal, who came to Russia from his Russia, was on painful symptoms of poisoning in Salisbury, England, on March 4. Script was the agent of the British Foreign Intelligence (MI6) as the colonel of the Russian military intelligence, which was condemned in his home country but was released under an agency exchange. London was suspected of assassinating the Russians, which Moscow refused. Following the accusations and allegations, the two countries mutually expelled 23 diplomats. Later, a number of EU and NATO members and other countries rejected Russian diplomats. Western countries have been heavily fragmented behind Britain, retaliating for the Anglo-American assassination of neurons. Moscow has offered to cooperate in investigating the case, but demands tangible evidence.
15 EU Member States, including Hungary, and the United States, Canada, Norway, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and Albania have decided to expel over a hundred Russian diplomats as a sign of solidarity with Britain.

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