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Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats, stopping British Council’s activities Big World 

Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats, stopping British Council’s activities

Moscow has denied 23 British diplomats as undesirable, revoked the permission to open and operate the British Consulate in St Petersburg, and terminated the activities of British Council in cultural and educational affairs in Russia in a diplomatic dispute over the so-called Scripal case.

    This was announced on Saturday by the Russian Foreign Ministry after British Ambassador Laurie Bristow had been asked for the wallet and informed him of the decision. British diplomats received a week to leave the country.
    The Russian move is a response to Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement of the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats, the suspension of high-level bilateral diplomatic contact and the boycott of the Russian football world championship by British royal family and government members after being poisoned in Britain Sergeant Script was a double agent and daughter Julia. Behind the incident, the British prime minister says Russia is “likely” to stand, which Moscow consistently refuses.
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who is preparing for a visit to the Far East, issued a statement to the Japanese and Vietnamese media on Saturday that the British accusations against Moscow were still not backed up by the official result of the Scotland Yard investigation.
    The leader of Russian diplomacy, according to the group’s report on the Rosszija 24 television, believed that Britain had two reasons for breaking the scandal. One of them is that the country’s leadership in the Brexit negotiations with the EU could not achieve what the public had promised and wanted to draw attention to. The other is that the British have always played a leading role, which, according to Lavrov’s gunshot comment, is the only area where it is possible for them.
    Alekszandr Sulgin, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW), said in an interview with Interfax on Saturday that an agent against Script was “most likely” produced in American or British laboratories. He said that in the Soviet Union, as in other countries, he experimented with the development of highly toxic chemicals, including VX, in the 1970s.
    According to Sulgin, in the 1990s, Western secret services deployed chemical experts and documents from Russia and continued their experiments with them. The Russian official pointed out that the substance allegedly used for Scripal and his daughter was identified at the Porton Down Laboratory of the British Ministry of Defense, which he said was the center of the British military chemical program.

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