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Russian air catastrophe – Black crate of crashed machine began to be investigated       Big World 

Russian air catastrophe – Black crate of crashed machine began to be investigated    

Two black boxes of passenger aircraft crashed close to the Russian capital have begun in Moscow to record pilots’ messages and flight data, the State Aviation Authority said on Monday.

During the day, the research units carried out a primary screening of the terrain at a 30-hectare site where more than 1400 human remains were collected together with nearly 500 aircraft. A detailed exploration of the terrain may take up to a week.
In the works, 1079 people participated in 203 vehicles and research machines. For genetic identification of the remains of the victims, a sample of DNA was taken on 29 aircraft in the destination of the aircraft in Hungary.
Svetlana Petrenko, a spokeswoman for the Investigation Commission (SCP) in the High Representative, stated that an explosion on the airplane was already blown into the ground while the passenger crash did not burn. Some of the eyewitness accounts published in Russian media say the plane was already burnt or smoked before it crashed.
The Saratovsky Avialinski airline, whose airline An-148, flying to Oras, left the radar screen on Sunday after four minutes after its takeoff. The plane crashed, 65 passengers – including three children – and six crew members lost their lives. Three foreigners – an Azeri, a Swiss and a Kazakh citizen – traveled on the flight. Of the 35 victims in Russia, Orenburg County, ten in Moscow, five in St. Petersburg and Leningrad County, four in Saratov, and others in other parts of the country.
Saratovsky Avialinyi suspended the operation of his An-148 type aircraft. According to the airline, the investigation of the unlucky passenger departure did not reveal a technical mistake.
The company’s CEO Alexei Varhomeev traveled to Moscow to help investigate. The operation of the Moscow-Orsk flights was carried out by the Izsavian airline.
The investigation also involves the representative of Ukrainian company Antonov, who is developing the machine type. The catastrophic plane was assembled in Voronyezs, Russia, in 2010.
Arkadyij Dvorkovics, Deputy Prime Minister, said that after the victims, families will receive more than 3 million rubles (13.4 million forints) from various sources. Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev on Monday held talks with his deputies on a one-minute silent reverence for the victims.

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