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The Serbian head of state called for a non-party politician to form a government European Union 

The Serbian head of state called for a non-party politician to form a government

Ana Brnabic, Minister of Public Administration and Local Government, asked for a non-party politician to form a government Serbian President of State Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday in Belgrade.

Ana Brnabic is not only Serbia’s first female prime minister but also the first openly lesbian prime minister.
It is necessary to appoint a new head of government and government because Aleksandar Vucic started as prime minister in the presidential election in April and won it, leaving Serbia without a head of state. The head of government is asked by the head of state to form a government, according to Serbian legislation, and the candidate for the government must present his new cabinet and program. Finally, Parliament votes on the election of the government.
Although Vucic appears to be the head of state for greater leverage, he says that the new head of government will only be a puppet in the hands of Aleksandar Vucic, who remains the supreme leader of Serbian domestic politics. As the new head of state has not dismissed the position of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and SNS has the majority of its legislators in law making, he still holds the pocket of Serbian politics.
The new prime minister must also fulfill the promises made by Aleksandar Vucic. Such as raising pensions and wages, modifying the constitution, pursuing European integration and economic reforms, resolving the relationship with Kosovo and reforming the judiciary. However, it is not certain that this will be time for Ana Brnabic, according to the press in the media, that he would be able to hold a parliamentary election in the Western Balkans again in the spring, with the Belgian municipal elections.
Ana Brnabic was born in 1975 and holds a university degree in business studies and marketing in the United States and Great Britain. In 2001 he returned to Serbia and advised on various international companies, mainly in the development of local governments. In August 2016, in the new government of Aleksandar Vucic, he was assigned the leadership of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Government.
It is now about to cancel this position and it is scheduled to announce its new government and program until next Wednesday, as the official inauguration ceremony for the Serbian President will be held on June 23, whereby elected members of the new government are scheduled to take part.

Source: MTI

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