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Picasso bought 13 of the same buyer’s two London auctions        Other Interesting Facts Big World 

Picasso bought 13 of the same buyer’s two London auctions     

Picasso bought 13 works for the same buyer this week at London’s Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses.

The London art consultant, who bidded on behalf of a rich client, paid £ 113 million for works of art, “said The Guardian’s UK home page.
Harry Smith, president and CEO of Gurr Johns Arts Advisory Company, bought four Picasso creations at Sotheby’s Wednesday evening auction in London, including Femme au Béret and the la Robe Quadrillée (Woman in cap and plaid) from the French painter and lover of Marie-Thérese Walter dress), the price of which was 49.8 million pounds (17.6 billion forints).
Previous day Smith bought nine other works by the Spanish painter at Christie’s auction.
Harry Smith did not reveal the identity of his sponsor, but only said that the world of fine art was again in love with Picasso. The interest of the Spanish painter was further enhanced by the upcoming Picasso exhibition of the London Tate Modern Museum, the first independent Picasso exhibition in the institution.

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