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The Politician made a compilation of Donald Trump’s diplomatic battalions United States Of America 

The Politician made a compilation of Donald Trump’s diplomatic battalions

The Politico newspaper made a compilation of the diplomatic blunder of US President Donald Trump on Monday. The page obtained information from government sources asking for their names to be silenced.

Most of the information comes from a member of the National Security Council. As his most frequent diplomatic blunder, he recalls Donald Trump’s habit of ignoring it: his negotiating partners live in a different time zone than he or she has badly put country names.
In his first year of government, Donald Trump, for example, wanted to call Abe Sindzo, Japanese Prime Minister, on a phone call in the afternoon when he was in Japan at night. “When you want to call someone you want to call,” Politico quotes a former member of the National Security Council. He also said that Herbert McMaster, a national security adviser, had always tried to dampen the president, saying that he would be in a timely manner linked to the politician he wanted. Trump is extremely polite in the sense that if he calls a politician in another country, he never waits.
The president, who came from the business world without foreign policy experience to the White House, made a meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June 2017 and thoroughly studied the map of the region. Nepalese called the “Nipple, Bhutan” Button, and according to the Politico sources, he and Nepal and Bhutan mixed up for a moment, and believed that both were an integral part of India. Then he asked his associates whether he would be with Indian politician His wife, when she was told, Narendra Modi has been living with her for a long time. “Hey, I guess I could bring him to somebody,” he said jokingly.
He remembers that Trump sometimes does not always correctly pronounce the name of a country or is not fully aware of the career of a politician. Named Namibia Nambi at the UN General Assembly session in September last year. When, in July this year, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was the guest of the White House, Trump longed to congratulate him on his “huge victory” in the election campaign. Conte, however, has never campaigned and has never been elected as a candidate, due to the compromise agreement between two parties.
James Carafano, a researcher at the Conservative Heritage Foundation, who gave advice to Donald Trump, politician for matters relating to the Foreign Ministry during the transition period between the 2016 election victory and the 2017 installment, as Trump President has learned a lot, but will not be in style to change for the sake of the Washington elite.
The page noted that other US presidents had oddities or made mistakes. Barack Obama was unable to correctly pronounce a number of politicians, including Singapore’s Lee Kuan Ju, George W. Bush was embarrassed in a televised interview when he did not know the names of some foreign leading politicians and similarly to Bill Clinton – Trumph – also whistled for time zone deviations if he wanted to make a phone call.

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