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Poroshenko: Within the next few weeks, the first US consignment of arms arrives in Ukraine      Big World 

Poroshenko: Within the next few weeks, the first US consignment of arms arrives in Ukraine   

Within a matter of weeks, Ukraine will have to receive the first defense consignment from the United States, according to a press conference by the Ukrainian President in Kiev on Wednesday.

Petro Poroshenko did not give any details about the contents of the American consignment, but said he would also include sniper rifles, as well as anti-aircraft and electronic combat gear.
US President Donald Trump at the end of last year endorsed defense weapons, including one of the world’s most effective anti-tanker Javelin (gerely) missile systems, to the United States of America to kill life.
Poroshenko believed that it would be better for a rapprochement with NATO if a civilian person would be in charge of the defense minister in the future in Ukraine.
In relation to the crisis in East Ukraine, he expressed his conviction that only the presence of UN peacekeepers could end the bloodshed in the Donetsk Basin and restore the territorial unity and sovereignty of Ukraine.
Responding to internal political questions, the head of state stated that he does not currently see the need for parliament’s dissolution. He announced that he would only announce the start of the campaign for the presidential election in March next year, and that he would go on again for the Chief of State. However, he firmly stated that he would not want to be a candidate for the next parliamentary elections.
Poroshenko gave evasive answers to questions about recent polls suggesting that Yija Tymoshenko, the former leader of the Haza Party, who is politically opposing the opposition, is at the top of the popularity list ahead of him. He declared that he did not deal with popularity surveys, now he is engaged in pursuing the reforms that he has started, foreign policy and unification of the country. He added that, in his view, there are now no politicians in Ukraine who would benefit from high-level social support.
At the same time, he promised to protect the country from irresponsible, populist politicians who, according to his words, “have secret alliance with anti-reformist and revasist forces”. “Some of the professional warriors fighting for the happiness of the people are being funded generously, in addition to money stolen from Ukrainian people,” said Miheil Szaakasvili, a recently deceased Georgian exiled from the country, who was suspected of having been removed from Russia by President Viktor Yanukovych receive financial support for anti-government protests in Ukraine. Saakashvili was called by the president as “unhappy man,” who thought he had enormous opportunities in Ukraine but could not live with them, so he now “suffers”.
He also made a comment on his personal rival, Timoshenko, reminding himself that a photo of the opposition politician was being made public with Russia’s ambassador to Germany. “Opponents who are behind the scenes of international conferences with Russian ambassadors, I would like to explain that diplomatic victories are not in conference rooms, but in the negotiating table,” said the president.

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