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They published Stephen Hawking’s final study Interesting Facts 

They published Stephen Hawking’s final study

It was published by Stephen Hawking’s last scientific research, completed only days before March, which deals with black holes in one of his most important issues in his 56-year career.

Hawking’s last study is about whether the black holes retain information about falling object objects. Some researchers believed that this information would be destroyed, others said it would violate the laws of quantum mechanics. According to these laws, there is a world of discardable information, such as a series of individuals and zeros. In addition, this information will never disappear, even if it absorbs a black hole.

Hawking, however, according to Albert Einstein’s work, has shown that black holes have their own temperature, and since hot bodies are losing heat in space, black holes actually evaporate, meaning that they will vanish.

“Hawking has discovered that the physics of black holes may have even greater uncertainty than quantum mechanics,” said co-author Malcolm Perry, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, BBC News.

If an object has a temperature, then its properties include an entropy, which characterizes the degree of disorganization of a system. “Entropy is the extent to which it is possible to recover from the microscopic components of an object so that it looks the same,” Perry said.

The new research shows in the language of math that an entropy of a black hole can be captured by light particles that surround the event horizon of the black hole. The event horizon is, in general relativity theory, a boundary of space time beyond which it is impossible to escape the gravitational force of the black hole – even for light.

“We do not know, Hawking’s entropy applies to anything that can enter the black hole, so it’s just a single step on the long road,” Perry added.

Hawking’s colleagues presented the study on the freely accessible website. The group of scientists completed a few days before the death of Hawking on March 14.

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