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Independence parties are working on the re-election of Puigdemont European Union 

Independence parties are working on the re-election of Puigdemont

They continue to work for the re-election of Carles Puigdemont for the presidential post of the Catalan parliament’s independence parties, and on Monday, two political forces also traveled to Brussels.

The 27 politicians of the Union of Catalans (Catalunya, Junts per Catalunya) met with the resigned leader in the Belgian capital about how to be president again.
Following the meeting, Eduard Pujol, the spokesperson of the party’s party, told the press that the agreement was to ensure the election of Puigdemont and the lifting of the constitution’s 155 articles, under which the Spanish Government currently exercises government powers in Catalonia.
The left-wing Independence Party (CUP), whose two representatives have traveled to Brussels for this reason, plans to negotiate with the new president.
The debate series began on Sunday with the members of the Catalan Parliament’s Third Independence Party of the Left Republic of Catalonia (ERC), which, according to the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, was that Puigdemont would be symbolically president of Brussels, while the actual presidency would be exercised by a person with whom there is no judicial procedure in Spain. The notification was not officially confirmed.
Currently, Carles Puigdemon is the official candidate for the presidency, but his election scheduled for last Tuesday was postponed by Roger Torrent, chairman of the Catalan parliament.
The politician argued that he was opposed to the decision of the Spanish Constitutional Court that the presidential candidate’s personal presence was indispensable in the presidential election and that, as an arrest warrant was in force against him in Spain, he should request permission from the Supreme Court in Madrid.
The presidential election will be held when a substantive dispute can be settled under legislative guarantees in parliament, said the House Speaker of the Independence ERC.
Against Carles Puigdemon, the process of rebellion, rebellion, misappropriation and other criminal offenses, due to its role in the independence process and its decisions in October.
Its re-election is backed by the three parties of the Catalan parliament’s independence party, which, after the elections of 21 December, have again dominated the local legislature.

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