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Putin promised a Mars mission and a moon       Big World 

Putin promised a Mars mission and a moon    

Russia will send missions to Mars in 2019, and in the polarities of the moon its specialists will search for water, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he has not yet received a broadcast, but is already widely broadcast by the Russian media in Thursday’s television documentary.

Putin said Russia was planning to send human beings without humanity, then manned flights to research the “remote space”, to study the Moon program and Mars. A mission to the “Red Planet” next year.
“Our specialists will try to land on the moon, because they have a basis to assume that they will find water there. They have what to do, they can start exploring distant planets and remote space,” he said.
The Russian Space Agency in Rosskoszmos announced in July last year that it did not go into detail, and announced that it will begin preparing Mars flight in 2019. Aviation aviation and radiation protection as well as landing technology are planned to be improved under the Moon program.
Russia’s space plan for 2016-2025 accounts for the release of eight satellites, Moon, Mars, and solar system planets. Mars research is basically based on the collaboration between Roscommon and the European Space Agency (ESA).
The Russian president told the boss of his election campaign, Andrej Kondrasov, about this, who portrayed a portrayal of Putin for the Rosszija 1 public television channel, on which the second part came out on the Internet on Thursday. As the first part of Sunday, Dmitriy Kiszelov, general manager of the Rosszija Szegodnya news agency, has been assigned to the VKontaktye and Odnoklassznyiki community site by the deputy CEO of the State Broadcasting Company of the Russian State Broadcasting Company (VGTRK).
Putin’s documentary filming in the campaign period on national television would be contrary to the election regulations, the Pervij Kanal (First Channel) state television therefore took over the final part of his Oliver Stone film release of the Putin documentary. It is not yet clear when this same tax is presented by the 2018 World Order 2018, conducted by Vladimir Solovjov’s leading television personality, basically based on conversations with the President, but it was also posted on the Internet in the full text of last Wednesday, the Russian media.
Of the eight presidential candidates, the seven unsuccessful candidates on Thursday’s television show had little or no communist strife on Rosszija 1 channel: Makszim Szurajkin, leader of the Communist Party of Russia (openly Stalinist) attempted to hit Makszim Sevcsenko, replacing Pavel Grugyinyin of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the studio. (The Russian Presidential Election Act allows candidates to be represented by “agents” on campaign events.)
Shevchenko Surajkint called it a “banderolt provocateur” during hassle. (Sztyepan Bandera (1909-1959) was strongly controversial, at the same time a Nazi collaborative Ukrainian nationalist politician, whose name in Russia is a sieve.)
“You’ll get your dick right now!” “Szurajkin said, and started towards Shevchenko, but eventually managed to arrest and expel by the presidential candidate, Szolovjov and Boris Tyitov, the president of the Growth Party.
During the previous rounds, Vladimir Zsirinovsky (Liberal Democratic Party) poured water with Kszenyija Szobache (Civil Initiative), who poured scattered sorrows on him. Nowadays, the only woman among the candidates, she went out of the studio on Wednesday, crying out, because her rivals – especially Zsirinovsky – mocked and choked the word.
Putin has been legally warned of TV TV being out of office due to his duties. In Russia, the presidential election is held on Sunday, the unquestionable chance of the head of state in office.

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