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An extremely simple explanation was found in the late John Constable’s mood Interesting Facts Culture 

An extremely simple explanation was found in the late John Constable’s mood

An extremely simple explanation for the sadness of late John Constable’s paintings is one of British experts in the outstanding figure of English landscape painting. According to him, the artist was not cloudy, but simply the weather he captured.

The moody and cloudy clouds on the late watercolors of the painter painted between 1776 and 1837 were widely regarded as dramatic portrayal of his wife’s posthumous mood. Compared to the weather records of the artist in the north of London in the 1830s, the Hampstead Heathen and the patinate Victorian and Albert Museums, with the weather record, he became the expert of the institution’s paintings and constable expert Constable’s endowment of sad weather English weather .
Mark Evans, the contemporary weather reports published by The London Literary Gazette, compared John Constable’s work with a former Charles Henry Adams, a former director near a Hampsted Heath school. It has made it easier for the painter to put the exact date on the back of his pictures, “wrote The Times newspaper in Monday’s issue.
Constable’s wife, Maria died of tuberculosis in 1828, and Mark Evans said many have associated the dramatic effects on the painter’s subsequent images. “It is commonly used to look at her late works in the light of her emotional state,” said the expert, who said that the painter had rather tossed it on the canvas he had seen. Highlights of the artist’s Spring Clouds – Hail Squalls (Spring Clouds, Windstorm) have been highlighted, taking into account weather data, it turned out that the day when it was made, thunderstorms and fierce southwest winds and temperatures did not reach at 7 degrees Celsius. “It was exactly this,” Mark Evans said.
Constable’s creative style influenced French romantic painters and Impressionists as well.

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